tel: 01895 619 901

tel: 01895 619 901

  • The Forge Initiative

    A one-year programme in practical theatre for actors, directors and writers
  • Skills of survival

    Take your destiny in your own hands, create your own work and set up viable companies
  • Practical skills, not theoretical methods

    taught by practitioners who have real-life experience and good track records in their fields
  • The initiative for theatre practitioners

    learn advanced skills of acting, directing, writing and marketing that will enable you to survive
  • Trusting the Actor

    Advanced acting techniques, using the latest methods developed by the directors who teach on the course
  • Brian Astbury by Rufus Norris

    A unique figure in British theatre. Provocative, controversial, doggedly inspiring and fearless in his pursuit of the truth
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She - Short Film directed, produced, edited and acted by The Forge Initiative Actors
Why should you apply to The Forge Initiative? Exec Director Paul Taylor explains why.
A Practical Theatre programme for actors, writers and directors, giving them the tools to take control of their own careers.
"Brian Astbury could easily have titled the course - Everything you will ever need to know about Acting..." Stephen Moyer.
"The Forge Initiative is a unique, practical course for actors / writers / directors wanting to develop their career further." Warwick Davies
The Forge Initiative is a for actors, directors and writers who want to take their destiny in their own hands.
The Forge Initiative runs in line with the standard academic year, offering a full-time one-year programme as well as a range of short courses.
Find out more about the learning structure and training opportunities that The Forge Initiative offers.
Designed to dispel the fear that you cannot write, devise and produce your own work
you will take a novel and adapt it over three weeks of rehearsal for performance in the fourth week
You will create a small-scale musical based on social or political issues - writing the book and lyrics yourself
The one-year full-time programme is aimed at professionals looking to drive their career forward and those self starters who have passion, talent and commitment.
The Forge Initiative full-time programme costs £3,000-£4,000 less than the average drama course, without compromising on quality of training or contact time.
Check out the range of short courses for actors who have either already trained at drama school or have been working in the industry professionally. Starts in September 2016.
This programme is aimed at professionals looking to drive their career forward and those self starters who have passion, talent and commitment.
Applicants will be accepted through a process of audition workshops and interviews.
Apply online now for your audition.
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