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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Guildford

Guildford boring?! You are joking!

The first woman to get a pilot’s licence; the first best selling cook, Mrs Beeton; the legend who wrote the anthem of the Suffragists - Ethel Smyth; and an Agatha Christie mystery, no less!

Come and hear these hidden tales of heroism, defiance and courage in one evening of fascinating entertainment presented by Guildford’s most famous son – Ford Prefect.

And you thought the most interesting feature of Guildford is the Fuel Juice Bar in The Friary Centre!

Some of our actors will be taking part in the Guildford Fringe Festival 2016 where they will be performing their original piece of theatre, The Hitchhiker's Guide to Guildford, originally staged by The Forge Initiative and directed by the award-winning Dr. Jessica Beck, one of our programme leaders. Click here to watch the trailer.

The piece is based on the research the actors conducted on the past of Guildford and wider Surrey and its eccentric inhabitants where they unearthed its surprisingly rich history.

For the purpose of getting a broader view of the town the actors visited and researched The Spike Workhouse, the Guildford Museum, the Cathedral and the Guildford Institute. They also researched utilising the words, letters and art of the inhabitants alongside their own scriptwriting.

The show will feature Douglas Adam's famous character Ford Prefect, as well as Mrs Beeton, Agatha Christie and Alan Turing's mother. Laura Hall, one of our actors in the show who is also from the local area, said:

"I've lived in Surrey my whole life and been to school in Guildford since the age of 11. I've honestly never realised how many influential and famous people have come from here. At the same time as being embarrassed at my ignorance, it makes me proud to call Guildford my home!"

We're very excited about the show and wish our actors the very best of luck for their performance! Check out what's being said about the show on social media:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Guildford will be showing at the festival in The Back Room, Star Inn on the 25th-26th July, 2016 at 8pm. To purchase tickets for the show click here.

The Forge Initiative actors on the front page of Surrey Advertiser

Our actors had a great run at the festival where the show was a huge success, making it to the front page of the Surrey Advertiser!