tel: 01895 619 901

tel: 01895 619 901

the future of The Forge Initiative 

As we approach the summer we are all in full swing with the actors devised pieces well under way that will be showcased in London, our show The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Guildford that has been invited to play as part of this year’s Guildford Fringe Festival and the final editing of our film project, where the actors wrote, devised, produced and edited two short films, She and Fixer, in only two weeks.

We have been working hard to get our short courses up and running, and I’m delighted to say we will have seven running next year from September – find out more about each course here.

In the back of all our minds we are all however extremely excited about our imminent move in September to Paddington Arts in Central London. The venue is amazing, with sprung studio floors, an incredible, flexible theatre space and inspiring break out areas for everyone to create or just relax!

We have had a fantastic time at our home in Guildford at “The Stoke”. Guildford is a town buzzing with creativity and everyone has been incredibly supportive of what we are doing. However we know in our hearts that we need to be in London.

Many of our actors, writers and directors on the Initiative already live in town, so travel to Guilford for them proves costly and is very time consuming. In Paddington, the city of London is at our finger tips, with a wealth of culture, imagination and diversity to inspire, drive and motivate us. We cannot wait!

Thank you Guildford, you have been fantastic!

Watch out Paddington, here we come!

Paul Taylor
Executive Director