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tel: 01895 619 901

The Forge Initiative Showcase 2016

We are now reaching the last chapter of our one-year programme which can mean only one thing - it is time for our end of year showcase! This is an exhibition of the best work that has been produced by our actors during the course of the programme.

All year long the actors, writers and directors on our one-year practical theatre programme were taught by practitioners with real industry experience who equipped them with the skills to create their own work, set up viable companies and survive in this increasingly challenging industry.

Having completed all our carefully designed modules, The Forge Initiative actors are now left with productions that they will be taking on tour to Guildford, Clapham and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals this summer. Some of these productions will be shown at our upcoming showcase, taking place at 7.30pm on the 19th, 20th and 21st July at Paddington Arts, London:

1920 - A multi-disciplinary and stylised play which focuses on a day in Detective John's life, incorporating a taste of Theatre of the Absurd.

Cows and Calves - A comedic musical piece which follows the struggles of an all-girls boarding school as they attempt to transition into an all-female utopia.

Ditched - A semi-autobiographical musical undercut with dark humour which follows two individuals as they experience bouts of therapy.

This is Standard Observation - A drama / dance piece which centres on two girls whom have signed up for an unknown experiment.

Once I had a Shelter - A physical theatre performance which explores themes such as human behaviour, inner fulfilment and creates an analogy about today's society.

The Tobacconist - This piece follows a man living in an identity crisis which leads him into a heavy inner journey.

Everything is going to be KO - Through multimedia, this comedy show explores what it means to be undiagnosed and living with dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD.

Henners - Features all six of Henry VIII Queens as they struggle to live with a moody, pretentious and power hungry King.

The showcase will be featuring actors who took part in this year's full time programme: Kaiya Stone, Beth Day, Maddie O'Brian, Laura Lawrence, Ryan Layson, Rita Duvall and Adantes Vieira. Click here to find out more about each of them.

Check out the photos on our gallery page.