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tel: 01895 619 901

Trebleclef | Drama students showcase

The Forge Initiative presented a free scratch night of three original, new musicals for two nights on 6th and 8th April on the Guildford circuit.

Trebleclef, showcased snippets from three completely new musicals that students had been devising for the past five weeks prior to the show, which covered themes of abandonment, feminism and cultural relocation. Under the energised firm control of director, Tania Azevedo, the group formed into three companies, each devising their own musical. The results were really exciting - reminding us of Terrorist! The Musical and The Opening at Edinburgh all those years ago.

Here are some short snippets for each show:

Mar De Saudade

It looked at the lives of two Portuguese citizens who, in their search for brighter days, decided to leave their homes in Portugal for a new life in London. Many comic moments follow, showing the troubles of immersion in a new culture and the various issues a language barrier provides.


A Musical, focused on two young adults as they experience multiple bouts of therapy, including some conventional and a few unconventional methods as well as focusing on their friendship and reliance on each other. This piece, a semi-autobiographical musical, looked at the harrowing experiences of losing a parent with plenty of dark humour included!

Cows and Calves

It follows the struggles of an all-girls boarding school. This comedic musical follows the teachers and students of St Jude’s as they attempt to transition the school into an all-female utopia after the various issues presented to them by the male faculty.

Trebleclef was a show full of comedy, a few tears and plenty of original songs that you we have been singing to ourselves for weeks!

A selection of the show photos below: