tel: 01895 619 901

tel: 01895 619 901


The Forge Initiative is a one-year programme in practical theatre for actors, directors and writers to take their destiny in their own hands, create their own work, set up viable companies and make a difference. This inimitable initiative has been devised and delivered by Brian Astbury, a leading light in the UK for theatre training. The tutors on this programme, who will be teaching the skills you will need to survive, have all been through the mill themselves and have the scars and the badges of merit to prove it.

You can arrange a private audition with us at the Paddington Arts, 32 Woodfield Road, London, W9 2BE. Apply here.

Reasons to apply

The Forge Initiative is a programme for theatre practitioners - actors, writers and directors - who want to:

  • take their destiny into their own hands
  • learn the successful way to start creating their own work
  • devise their own plays, based on issues - social and political - that are important to them and, more importantly, to their audience
  • learn advanced skills in the art of acting, directing, writing and marketing that will enable them to survive and prosper in the increasingly tough world of theatre
  • find and set-up theatre venues in non-theatre spaces: be inventive and innovative
  • find other kindred spirits with whom they can set up sustainable companies and drive their own careers towards success

The programme has been devised to teach you the practical skills needed - not theoretical methods divorced from reality. It is taught by practitioners with real-life experience and respectable track records in these fields, not by learned men who have accrued their knowledge from books and never set foot on a stage in their lives. In the final term the students will create plays of their own and be encouraged to tour these to Fringe Festivals, as well as to compassionate venues around the country.

We now also offer Short Courses - find out more.