tel: 01895 619 901

tel: 01895 619 901

We work closely with one of the UK's leading Arts Marketing companiesConsider This UK. There will be a strong emphasis on how to market yourself, your company and your shows.

No theatre company can survive without a strong knowledge regarding what makes a good marketing campaign.

Publicising your production is an art form in itself which too many people consider to be easy, but it certainly is not. You will be taught the importance of getting your graphics, posters and flyers design right for your production. We’ll show you how to target your audience, work with photographers and get the best results, write a press release and work with newspapers, magazines and bloggers to your advantage rather than theirs.

It is essential for any theatre company to have its own website. While we cannot teach all the skills necessary, there will be a workshop to introduce you to the basics of web-design, how to establish a web-presence and the methods of communicating this presence.

Social media has become central to the marketing and publicising of theatre in the last few years. You will be taught how to use these tools, as well as how important it is to keep up-to-date in their use. You will be shown how to set-up and properly use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., to publicise your company and productions and to set-up, use and maintain data lists including the legal use of the Data Protection Act.

Networking on a one-to-one basis is another essential skill. It is important that you learn how to build and maintain a supporting network of relationships, which will enable you to broaden the appeal and reach of your company.


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